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Fence Voltage Requirement

How many volts are enough? This is actually quite complex and there are several variables to consider. As a general rule these figures may be used as a guide.
    Remember: there's no way this jolt of current can hurt your animal, but it needs to be definite enough for your animal to remember it and want to avoid it. 

AnimalMinimum recommended voltage on fence line
2000 - 3000 volts
2000 - 3000 volts
Bulls/Bison3000 - 4000 volts
4000 - 5000 volts
2000 - 3000 volts
4000 - 5000 volts
Exotics/Deer4000 - 5000 volts
700 -1000 volts
500 - 900 volts
Nuisance Pests
1000 - 2000 volts

*Lydite Fence Tester can help you to ensure that the voltage of your electric fence is within a normal working voltage range.

*If you are looking for a solution to a complex problem,please send email to us.

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