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Why Need Fence Tester

It's very necessary to have a fence tester when you fix your electric fences.If your fence is already completed and running, but you don't have a tester yet, then it's time to have one.For you, have a fence tester which specifically designed for reading the energy from an electric fence.Unlike other voltage tester, fence testers are suitable to use on electric fence with ease.Lydite offers a variety kinds of fence testers to monitor fences, some have a testing clips and some with a clip set into the main body of the device.The simple model feature is a light that indicates electrical current is flowing through the fence. However, for troubleshooting ground or short issues,you should want a more complex models known as "electric fence error finders" which show voltage in screen face.
Diagnosis With a Fence error finder

When using Lydite Fence error finder,a error finder electric fence tester,to find voltage shorts in the fence line,the tester will also show voltage in kilovolts and current readings in amps.Figure on the screen will point in the direction of the fault.

Here’s an example to show how it works: You have a single-wire fence that usually runs 7,000 volts or 7kv.One day you check the fence and the figure is 3000 volts or 3 kv and 30 amps.
To determine the cause of your voltage, you should take the following steps:
1. Charger First—Start by testing the fence charger with your electric fence error finder. To make sure the energizer is not the problem. If it reads normally, pay attention to your fence testers.
2. Fence Sections Close to Charger—Test near start of fence line, see your readings when you move further and further from the charger. Voltage and amperage drops show problems on the line.
3. Close in on the Short—Continue move along the fence line following the “figure” on the fence tester until the short is found.
4. Back Track as Needed—If you get no reading (i.e. 0 amps, barely any kv), back track, testing until you find a reading again. Points between the last viable readings indicate problem areas in your fence.
This fence tester will help you find shorts and grounding issues quicker and easier.They save you time and cost by helping you narrow down fence sections with problems that are not apparent to the naked eye.The error finder Fence Tester isn’t the only electric fence voltage tester available from lydite.
In fact, voltometers are available in a variety of styles and price points. Each of them has their own qualities and uses. Which type is the best for you? Check each Fence testers product page to make your choice!

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